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The world is at the start of an energy revolution as low-carbon electricity replaces climate change-causing oil and gas. New Zealand is part of this energy transformation.

The Powering up for Change website provides an overview of issues and progress as electricity distribution networks prepare to ensure New Zealand captures the benefit of electrification and decarbonisation.

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Total household energy costs will reduce with electrification

24 November 2022

As we respond to climate change by increasingly relying on electricity to power our lives, our overall energy consumption is going to change.

Solar uptake in the far north accelerating

2 August 2022

There is some interesting data coming out of Northland on solar uptake, with both Top Energy and Northpower registering solid growth in solar connections over the past two years.

Network Transformation Roadmap refresh - webinar

29 June 2022

Network Transformation Roadmap

22 June 2022

Download or view the pdf of the roadmap