Fact sheets

Remote area power supplies

4 July 2022

Remote area power supplies provide a cost-effective long-term solution to supply electricity to remote geographical areas. They can also be used to temporarily manage outages caused by storm events for remote consumers


1 July 2022

As a clean alternative energy source, hydrogen can work hand-in-hand with renewable electricity both as a direct fuel and as an electricity storage solution similar to a battery.


30 June 2022

Microgrids allow electricity consumers to collectively access and use renewable energy technologies to complement their traditional local electricity network. 

Charging electric vehicles

21 June 2022

The implications and challenges presented by increased use of electric vehicles (EVs) on local distribution networks and how EDBs are responding

Process Heat

21 June 2022

Process heat is heat generated (largely in boilers) to transform materials and produce products in the processing and manufacturing industries, or more generally, to provide indoor heating for commercial or public environments.